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Katherine Walk aims to promote the luxurious side of confidence, body positivity and inclusivity through rocking your own style and unlocking your inner fashionista.

Katherine Walk


I was brought on as an intern for Katherine Walk in June 2020 and had the opportunity to help design the end-to-end experience of the first collection launch. Two months in, I became the lead on design.

When was this: 

June - Dec 2020

What I did:

Researched, prototyped and lead design of the first launch experience

Tools I used:

Adobe Suite (AI, AE, PS, Premiere)

The challenge

Katherine Walk wanted to increase their presence in the fashion industry in time for the first collection launch. The following are four key challenges we aimed to solve to make that happen:

  •  Social media involvement:  Increase interaction with users on all social media platforms through commenting, liking and sharing.

  •  Social involvement:  Build a deeper connection with various communities by showcasing inclusivity through fashion and individual style. 

  •  Website traffic:  Create hype around the launch to increase excitement and anticipation directed towards the primary selling source, the website.

  •  Transparency:  Show users what they're supporting by sharing the story, background and inspiration behind Katherine Walk.

Maximizing social media

In addition to posts revolving around the collection and the pieces included, we wanted to use our social accounts as a bridge between users and the brand. Users should be able to learn as much about the company through our social media as we're able to learn about them. Through methods mentioned below, we increased user engagement with new posts by approximately 34%.

Website planning

The website would be our main source of business, so when users come from social media to the website they should have an effortless experience navigating it. Our goal is to to meet the users expectations for the brand with the website. Visitors are guided from the top priority and highest expectation, the collection launch, to the bottom of the page with blog posts as a fun extension of the brand's social involvement.

While the collection launch experience was the main focus, we still needed to cover the printed materials for the collection. I got to put my graphic design abilities to use and was able to create a brand guideline, thank you cards, as well as a variety of hang tags and other marketing content for the clothing.

Final products

Persona Examples

Who we want to reach through the campaign:


Keep it simple

Keeping the launch simple and relatable builds a stable relationship with the customers. They should be able to easily navigate our designs and their thoughts, emotions and decisions throughout the experience.

Luxury for everyone


Our collection launch should provide customers with a high-end fashion shopping experience without emphasis on the price tag. The quality of the collection should always reach customers with ease.

Confidence from within


Fashion has no rights or wrongs, it's all about how you feel strutting down the walkway. The experience should inspire confidence in our customers by supporting their style choices and embracing unique looks.

Design Principles

Every Monday a new staff member would be introduced through Katherine Walk's story on Instagram. Users would get a sense of who's the face behind Katherine Walk and have a greater chance of establishing personal connections with the brand. To keep that connection open for future users, the story would be a permanent part of the Instagram page for easy access.

1. Staff Member Mondays

2. Brand values

Building a brand with transparency means establishing trust between the brand and users. Recognizing and speaking out about current social topics or events, such as voting, makes Katherine Walk's social views visible to the public. These posts express the human-ness behind the clothing, collection launch and business that users can relate to.

Polls and surveys are a fun and effective tool to increase our user engagement while learning more about their preferences. Here, we discover the diversity in our users while they discover the similarities and differences between each other. They participate in these polls/surveys for fun and know that we value their input as a supporter of the brand.

3. Engaging and learning

Due to a Non-Disclosure Agreement, information on this page is limited

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