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Hi, I'm Brandi

Welcome to my portfolio!

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Jan - May 2021

(re) -

the green guide

Eco-friendly living with emphasis on the friendly.

June - Dec 2020

Katherine Walk

Who says fashion can't have fun with simplicity? 

Aug - Nov 2020

New Community Leadership Foundation

Transforming historic preservation into a virtual commemoration.

2019 - Present

Type Hype

An ongoing collection of my fun with typography.


During my primary years I fell in love with expressing my creative side through school projects. Whether I was making murals out of old t-shirts or building models with straws I was excited to just create something and have fun while solving problems. Years later I took a chance with design at the University of San Francisco and found what I can confidently call my passion.

Now, I'm still expressing my creative side through projects, just as a designer. I believe empathy and patience are some of the greatest tools that aid my design (and life) processes, all while finding joy wherever I can. After all, life is too short to be lived without joy.

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